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Since July 9th, 2005 MorningCoach has helped
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MorningCoach is the home of the world’s premier business and motivational
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Find the key to unlock the answer to what is bothering you.

Cut through the noise and confusion that is bombarding you every day via social media, emails, and commercials. We’re not going add to your load, we’re going to lighten it!

Learn how to get the right advice to turn your life in the direction you want to go!

Once you start your journey, you need a coach or mentor to help you stay you on your chosen path. The right coach will help you stay focused, avoid pitfalls, and find the right path to your destination. We’ll offer you some guidance on choosing the right mentor for you.

The Sacred 6

The Simple Step-by-Step Process
for Focusing Your Attention and Recovering Your Dreams

The Sacred 6, written by J.B. Glossinger, outlines a simple process that you can use to change your life and recover your Dreams.

You have GREAT Ideas!  You CAN achieve your goals!

But without a plan for turning your thoughts into a reality, you’re going to continue to feel lost, frustrated, and stuck.

That can change.

You can make 2019 your Best Year Yet! 

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“2019 Is the Year that I…”

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What our clients had to say about MorningCoach

Living the Life of an Entrepreneur

ILD Ellen Bruegge

“I have used MorningCoach to help me start my own business while also running a successful company of my parents.

MorningCoach helped me figure out how to live the lifestyle of an entrepreneur even though I wasn’t at the time.

I gained confidence and felt like a group of people, including JB, who were cheering me on. Now I refer to my coach casts and have referenced Jb in managing my staff.

I really don’t know where else you can this that kind of inspiration, support, and consistent positivity.”

Ellen Bruegge

MorningCoach Saved My Life!

Karen Linden

“I was diagnosed with cancer Feb 18, 2013. I under went chemo and radiation treatments. People kept telling me it would take me 6 months to a year to get back to normal after treatments.

Those people did NOT have Morning Coach! I finished my treatments in April and in June I started my triathlon training again.

My doctors are amazed that I not only beat cancer but I’m competing in triathlons and marathons 4 months after undergoing the most intense chemo and radiation treatments.

People ask me how and I simply say Morning Coach! Getting your mind right each morning is the key!

I can honestly say that JB has help save my life! Thank you!”

Karen Linden

Opened my Own Businesses!

Brad Back

“I’ve been a MorningCoach member since nearly the beginning and it immediately became an important part of my life.

JB and team have truly helped, guided, and coached me through important periods of my life—everything from moving from 5k runs to half-marathons; having the guts (and a plan) to leave the 30-year security of an executive corporate j.o.b. and open up my own businesses (which I did successfully about 3 years ago and would never go back to corporate now…); and focusing on a richer, deeper, more spiritual life.

Every day, still, I wake up, get a cup of coffee, and listen to that day’s edition of MorningCoach.com–I can always count on JB and MC being there, and by focusing on 1% improvement each day…life gets better every day!”

Brad Back

Who Is JB Glossinger?

Welcome to MorningCoach

Host of the Morning Coach Podcast, Author of The Sacred 6, Speaker and Coach

I’m Just Like You..

I grew up in Northern Indiana in a working class family. My parents got divorced, and for a while my mom raised me alone. After my step-dad joined us, we continued to face all the challenges that working class people always face… too many bills, not enough income, lack of opportunity. I learned to work hard and to play hard.

But I started looking for a way out… there had to be a better life than what my parents had.

I’ve known hard times…

After I graduated from Ball State, I moved to Tucson. I wanted to live someplace warm and sunny and Tucson had 310 days of sunshine a year!

I had my dog, Kaos, and $500 when I left home. Within 3 days of getting to Tucson, I was selling gym memberships… and if I didn’t sell, I didn’t eat!

Being hungry because you have no money is the worst feeling in the world. There were times when I ate dog food, I was that hungry. I almost wrote a book about how to live on $20/day, because that’s what I was doing!

I’ve climbed the Corporate Ladder..

I needed a way out of the hussle and grind of selling memberships. I went back to school, and got my MBA.
During that time, I answered an ad about selling helicopter engines. I started climbing the corporate ladder in the aviation industry, working in sales and finding new success.

I felt like I was finally figuring out what success was and how to achieve it. I worked hard, and earned a transfer to to Southern Florida… a dream location. I was finally making it… or so I thought.

I was Successful AND Miserable.

For a while things were great! I was at the top of my game. I was a successful executive, but I was completely miserable. Day after day, I slogged through the drive to work trying to pump myself up for the day.

I had all the outer trappings of success… the car, the house, the clothes, the lifestyle… but I felt trapped. What was wrong with me?

Why wasn’t I happy?

I got serious about searching for Freedom and Happiness

I dove into metaphysical studies… What was Happiness? What changes did I need to make to create a life of freedom and happiness? I ended up with a Ph.D in Metaphysics. I had a lot of knowledge, but…

Now I had two types of golden handcuffs…I had a mountain of debt from my education, and I needed my a six figure income at a job I had grown to hate. Ouch.

Now, I was really stuck…

I was depressed. I lacked motivation. I felt stuck. I started a daily conference call (!!) to help others with positivity and motivation. I wanted improve my life, and I knew that helping others would help me to make some needed life changes.

Over time, I gradually found the path that lead to my ideal life of freedom. That conference call evolved into a daily podcast that today is one of the most successful motivational podcasts on iTunes!

Today, I can help you find your path to Freedom and Happiness

You CAN escape those golden handcuffs of debt and consumerism. !

Over the last 12 years, I’ve created practical and simple systems that helped me create a life of freedom. I’ve shared these systems with thousands of students all over the word, and they’ve used them to make meaningful and long-lasting changes in their lives.

My Sacred 6 system helps to identify the things that are really important – your values, your dreams, and your goals.

Intelligent Life Design – a pathway to Freedom

ILD (Intelligent Life Design) is the practical system that I use to quickly cut through the clutter of life.

Freedom and Happiness have many components – Health, Relationships, Mental, Financial, and Career.

In this system, we take logical and practical steps to identify the changes that we need to make. Once we have our ILD Life Plan, we simply shoot for daily progress.

I love to cut to the chase.

I admit it… I hate to spend hours in front of the computer studying a new course. I want to be out on the golf course or spending time with my family and friends… not slogging through another 40 hours of course materials! 40 hours… that’s literally another week of my life… lost forever!

Here at MorningCoach, our systems and courses are about quick and easy action assignments. We ask ourselves “What can I do today that will improve my life?”

I don’t want to add to your “to do” pile… I want to reduce that pile… right away… today!

Only YOU know…

There is no “one size fits all” action plan. Only you know what is really important to YOU. Is it health? Is it relationships? Is it career? Is it serving others? Is it all of the above? The first step is find a system that you can to use to develop a plan of action.

After you have a plan you need a coach and a team. Your coach will help you find your blind spots, and overcome your weaknesses. Your team will encourage you and support you.

Here’s the thing that I know, that YOU don’t know…

I know that you have what it takes… I believe in YOU.

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