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October  24-25th, 2019
Parkland, Florida

JB Glossinger’s

Life Is Jazz


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Turn Your Dreams of Changing Your Life
into Reality at the MorningCoach Event of the Year…

This October, some of the world’s most innovative experts and business owners are coming together in Parkland, Florida with one goal in mind:

To inspire you to transform your life with JB’s Life Is Jazz Event™.

Over two game-changing days you’ll:

  • Relax and Recharge – leave stress at home, and relax in beautiful South Florida.   Go home refreshed, fired up and ready to go!
  • Freedom – Discover how you can live a life free from frustration and stress.
  • Confidence – Gain more confidence in your skills and ability to grow create a better YOU.
  • Health – find ideas to have the best health possible.
  • Abundance – develop a friendship with money and attract more of it into your life.
  • Intelligent Life Design  – deepen your understanding of a the ideas and systems you need to break free of “the system” and live life in a different way.
  • Connect with your MorningCoach, JB, in an intimate, small-group setting.
  • Create personal and professional connections with like-minded people who can help you continue your success journey long after the event is over.
  • Walk away with proven strategies that help you re-create and transform your life, health, career, and relationships… the minute you get home.

This is the Conference you’ve been waiting for if you want to live life differently…

You CAN think new thoughts and create new patterns for success.

If you feel stuck in your life, then you want to discover NEW systems and methods for changing your patterns – quickly, efficiently, and ON TARGET!

This Event is for you if…

  • You’re just starting out … you know you want to change something but aren’t sure how to navigate all the possible opportunities, articulate your dream, or imagine the new you.
  • You’re ready to make the leap to the “New You”:  change your health, improve your attitude, start a new business or career, strengthen relationships… you have some skills, and you’re starting to get some traction, but you’re not quite sure about the next step…
  • You’ve been on this path for a while and are looking for new insights – or that next big thing – to increase your momentum and accelerate your growth…
  • You’re already feeling like a success, and now you want to take your life to the next level; you’re full of new ideas and capable of executing advanced life changing skills, systems, and strategies.

If any of these describe you … then you need to be here!


Because there’s NO OTHER EVENT like this!

This Event is Jazz… it all depends on you…
JB facilitates but YOU create the event!

Bring your current life challenges, questions, and problems to the Event Mastermind…

You’ll learn what’s working right now from the best in the business – from our Inner Circle and Round Table Mastermind Experts – so you can go home with fresh, new ideas to improve your health, relationships, career, finances, and mental-emotional strength.

It’s where you’ll make connections with A-level experts in multiple industries, creative mentors, and marketing experts so you can build life-long partnerships.

And it’s where you’ll attend the only motivational growth event focused on FUN, small-group, hands-on, relaxed-yet-powerful sessions that bring amazing opportunities to our attendees each year.   

Group size is limited to only 50 participants, so you’ll be face-to-face and elbow-to-elbow with some of the most amazing experts and thought leaders in our community.  

Learn From Our Best and Brightest…

Lee Kellogg, Retailer, Podcaster, Author
Lee Kellogg, Retailer, Podcaster, Author
Matt Kramer, Rock Star and 
Vocal Coach
Matt Kramer, Rock Star and
Vocal Coach
Patrice Bisiot, Image Consultant
Patrice Bisiot, Image Consultant
Karen Locker, CEO Solutions 4 Ecommerce
Karen Locker, CEO Solutions 4 Ecommerce
Lori Wyman, Casting Director, Acting Coach
Lori Wyman, Casting Director, Acting Coach
Shawn Moser, Life Coach
Shawn Moser, Life Coach
Dr. Paul Kilgore, 
Quantitative Health
Dr. Paul Kilgore,
Quantitative Health
Stacey McKenzie, Direct Sales
Stacey McKenzie, Direct Sales
Nico Johnson, CEO SunCast, Podcaster, Coach
Nico Johnson, CEO SunCast, Podcaster, Coach
Dawn Massani, Health and Performance Coach
Dawn Massani, Health and Performance Coach
Jennifer Morris, Artist Management
Jennifer Morris, Artist Management
Joe Filipowicz, Financial Advisor
Joe Filipowicz, Financial Advisor
Renee Jeeter, Dog Trainer
Renee Jeeter, Dog Trainer
Mark Jones, Men's Health Coach
Mark Jones, Men’s Health Coach
Roxanne Turner, ADHD Coach
Roxanne Turner, ADHD Coach
Mark Tait, Engineer
Mark Tait, Engineer
Mike Lee Kanarek (Sir), Self Defense Expert
Mike Lee Kanarek (Sir), Self Defense Expert

Our leaders inspire and uplift everyone that they meet! 


Meet Our

Member Leaders

Lee Kellogg
Lee KelloggRetail Expert, New Mexico Read More
Lee Kellogg is an independent retailer. Her experience has provided a firm grounding in business operations, personnel, buying, training, and customer relations.

In addition to running her business she produces a daily podcast, Lee!, covering the gamut of topics including: creativity, health, life and anything else. A skilled creativity coach, Lee helper her clients through one on one and group sessions.
Matt Kramer
Matt KramerVocal Expert, Florida Read More
Matt Kramer is a globally renowned singer, songwriter, recording artist, performer and vocal coach. Using proprietary techniques honed during a career in the public eye, Matt can help any speaker find their inner rock star.

From developing a stage presence, to creating an engaging and memorable voice, Matt’s tools help speakers perform in ways that are authentic, powerful and true to their voices and values.

In 1986 Matt co-founded the Rock/Pop music group Saigon Kick along with Jason Bieler.
Lori Wyman
Lori WymanActing Coach and Mentor Read More
Lori Wyman is an award winning, in demand casting director in the southeastern United States. She started casting in 1979 and moved full time when she became the casting director for the “Miami Vice” TV series. She has won 2 Artios Awards for HBO and Netflix productions. In addition to being nominated seven times by the Casting Society of America for her work, she has also been nominated for an Emmy award for casting of “Recount”.

Today Lori provides classes on acting and auditioning for children and adults. Labeling herself as an actor’s advocate, she has the ability to help actors craft a great audition.
Patrice Bisiot
Patrice BisiotImage Consultant, France, New York, Calafornia Read More
Patrice Bisiot is an industry-leading Image and Impact Consultant. Born in France, raised in Paris, Patrice has created an international following. Educated in hair styling in Paris, trained by masters in the US, topped off with course work in psychology, he is one of the most intuitive image consultants in the world.

Patrice Bisiot is now sharing his Intuitive Intelligence Methodology with business leaders and brands around the globe.
Dr. Paul Kilgore
Dr. Paul KilgoreQualitative Medicine Read More
Paul is a medical doctor trained in Internal Medicine and is an expert in public health. He also helps individuals develop a new approach to wellness through quantitative health. Paul has over 22 years of experience in health research.

Having traveled world-wide, Paul has gained additional insights into personal health and wellness that is grounded in a strong academic foundation from studies and work at The University of Michigan, Wayne State University, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as the International Vaccine Institute.
Karen Locker
Karen LockerSolutions4ECommerce Read More
E-commerce is Karen’s forte. An expert on listing products on Amazon, Shopify and Ebay, Karen helps her clients maximize listings for the best sales. She supports her clients by managing the pain-in-the neck, redundant, boring back-end support issues and deals with the headaches that come with navigating Amazon Seller Support.

When she started, Karen’s family was dependent on her husband’s military disability income. Starting with nothing, she has grown her business into one that supports her family. Today, Karen not only supports her own family, but she has a team of 18 who benefit from working in her business!
Nico Johnson
Nico JohnsonSolar Energy Consultant Read More
Nico is a consultant in the solar energy industry. He started in 2006 with his own solar installation business, worked in corporate
and as an independent contractor. Today he helps startups and early stage entrepreneurs scale their business within the solar niche.

His podcast, Suncast, has positioned him as a solar industry thought leader and media personality.

“JB is the “voice in my head” in a very real way, 5+ times/week. He has had as much impact as any mentor I’ve ever known.”— Nico Johnson

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October  24-25th, 2019
Parkland, Florida

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Marriott of Coral Springs
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Ground Transportation:
The Marriott provides a free
shuttle to the Country Club in
the morning and evening.

If you are planning on exploring the Area, rent a car.

For transportation to and from the airport, we can highly recommend:
Tim’s Black Car Service

Best Airports: 

Fort Lauderdale (FLL)
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Palm Beach International (PBI)
     (North of Parkland)

Try to avoid the Miami Airport (MIA)