How to Develop Sacred 6 Consistency 

Here’s this week’s lesson for yourSacred 6 plan for 2019!

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At this point, you are in the process of figuring out your primary goals that you are going to focus on in 2019. 

This week we’re going to review our major goals, and decide how to measure our progress.

Remember, we only want two or three major goals for the year, so that we can FOCUS our energy on achieving these important goals, and make real progress!

We want to be able to answer the question
“How will I know I’ve achieved this goal?”

Then we are going to break each goal into simple daily projects.
We want to be able to answer the question
“How will I know this daily project is complete?”

Here’s an example:
The Goal may be to become fluent in Spanish.

  • Project A may be to use the app DuoLingo every day.
  • Project B may be to write a paragraph in Spanish every day.
  • Project C may be to watch a movie in Spanish once a week.

Now we can use a simple tracking system +1 or -1 to keep track of our consistency in working on our Six daily tasks.

Here’s this week’s assignment:

Take a few minutes every day this week to think about Your Sacred 6 plan.

We’re going to review last weeks planning exercise and add our Daily Sacred 6 Tasks to the mix.

Remember we only want to have TWO or THREE Major Goals.

Last week we started the process of breaking our PRIMARY GOAL into smaller projects.
We started looking at2019, and began to lay out month by month plan foreach project. If you did this you now have an idea of how much work it will take to meet your progress goals.

If it’s obvious that there’s NO WAY for you to complete ALL your goals, well… it’s good to know that right now. Now is the time to go back and create a PLAN THAT WILL SUCCEED!

There’s no shame in cutting back and revising your plan so that you’re not working yourself to death next year! Or even worse, getting discouraged and quitting because you lost your focus!

Remember the KISS Principle (Keep It Simple, Silly!)

Here’s an example…
Right Now,  Nancy’s S6 Plan looks like this:

Health Goal: Lose 5 to 10 pounds.
S6 daily project: exercise 15 minutes (or more) every day.
S6 weekly goal:Track  +/- progress, shoot for +7 (or better) each week. +1 for each full 15 minutes of Exercise. (25 minutes = +1, 30 minutes = +2)

Career Goal: Find one new long term client (monthly retainer)
S6 daily project: spend 30 minutes/day on client research or outreach.
S6 weekly goal:Track  +/- progress, shoot for +5 (or better) each week.
S6 weekly goal: contact one new prospect (or more) per week.

Career Goal: Complete Continuing Education Course
S6 daily project: spend 30 minutes/day doing online education
S6 weekly goal: Track  +/- progress, shoot for +7each week.
S6 daily goal: Touch base with accountability partner every day (+7)

Simple. Short. Measurable
That’s IT. That’s Nancy’s complete S6 Plan!
That’s about 1.5 hours of S6 DAILY tasks that she’s going to commit to so that she can achieve her primary goals.

These are above and beyond her regular daily commitments – to current clients, family, housekeeping, running errands, etc.

Plus her S6 projects are also measurable.  She knows what to measure and when she’s been successful.

Your turn!

What are you going to work on every day?
How much time are you going to work on it?
Less is more. Keep It Simple!
Use this week to continue to narrow your focus down until you have a plan that will allow you to achieve REALL SUCCESS in 2019!

You don’t have to figure it out all at once.
Give it time to become clear as you break your goals into projects and your projects into Daily Tasks!

2019 is going to be the best year yet!

P.S. If you’re reading The Sacred Six , jump over to Chapter 7, The Sacred 6 Daily Tasks!


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